If Shared Hosting isn’t what you’re looking for, we have many other custom server hosting options available starting as low as $20/month, including VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting.

What website hosting option is right for me?
Any scalability and resource limitation issues can be resolved with VPS Hosting. A VPS is more potent than Shared Hosting since you have more control over how you use the virtual space while technically still “sharing” the server with others. The cost of a VPS server is higher than that of Shared Hosting. Unlike a dedicated server, a VPS host divides its resources across other websites. Dedicated Server Hosting gives you exclusive access to all of the resources available but is also a more expensive choice.

Benefits of our VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server Hosting Custom plans:

  • Full root access and Operating System (OS) selection
  • Your choice of server management
  • Top security standards
  • Free to transfer existing websites and VPS
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Total flexibility
  • Complete control